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A great photo! I love to see people working at what they enjoy most.

I'm looking forward to seeing more photos in the coming weeks!

Shelly Buettner

I love this shot Jan - way cool! I'm hoping to stay focused and keep up this year, too - it should be a fun ride!

Beti Horvath

Super self portrait.

Jenni Connolly

Good idea for a self portrait...well done

Patti Vanderbloemen action shot! Looking forward to this challenge and seeing your photos each week!


I love seeing you in your element. The action shot is great.

Jan Onipenco

Thank you everyone . . . looking forward to everyones pictures also!!!

Antiquity Travelers

oh fantastic! making some more beauties!! great shot (hehe)


Doing what you love is the perfect self portrait. Great idea!

Sally Russick

What a great idea for a self portrait! Wonderful shot!


Agree with your post about capturing our essence doing what we love best...awesome shot!

Emma Todd

surely when we are most ourselves. Perfect!

D Lynne Bowland

Interesting picture! You should have shown the finished bead too!


Yes! At work, which is Home, where art and glass and bliss..... I am guessing theres a dog asleep on a bed nearby?

Laura Twiford

The best self portraits define who we are to the viewer so I would say this is a very successful shot!

Linda Hanes

Sorrry this s the first I got here to see your self portrait! Its great! I am having fun with this photo challenge too.

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